Hot Avocado SoCal Guac Sauce™

  • A delicious avocado sauce from socal hot sauce a true avocado salsa that is made with real avocado from socal hot sauce - hot avocado socal guac sauce is a spicy version of the original avocado socal guac sauce

Hot Avocado SoCal Guac Sauce™


Hot Avocado SoCal Guac Sauce™ won the hot/extra hot latin style 2nd place award at the 2017 Fiery Food Challenge Zest Fest- SoCal Hot Sauce® avocado hot sauce

Hot Avocado SoCal Guac Sauce™. Too thick to be called an avocado hot sauce. Too smooth to be called an avocado salsa. SoCal Guac Sauce™ is in a league of it's own.

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SoCal Guac Sauce™ Hot Avocado: 3rd place in the savory category at the 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards. - SoCal Hot Sauce®FREE SHIPPING and discounted prices when you order by the 4-pack. Trust us... you'll need at least 4 bottles... SoCal Guac Sauce™ is Commonly referred to as "one-day sauce" because most people can't stop eating it and finish a bottle in a day. It's THAT GOOD.

2017 Multi-Award-Winning Sauce!

SoCal Guac Sauce™ Hot Avocado Sauce:

2nd place, Hot/Xtra Hot Latin Style. 2017 Fiery Foods Show.

3rd place, Savory Category, The 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards.

*Loaded with REAL AVOCADO*

  • Hot. But not too hot. If you enjoy spicy foods you will find this sauce has the perfect, enjoyable heat level. 
  • Perfect blend of serrano and habanero chile peppers with spices that bring great flavor and enjoyable heat to hot sauce lovers.
  • Real avocado gives this sauce a thick, smooth texture.
  • SoCal Guac-Sauce™, Hot Avocado can be enjoyed on just about anything!
  • Burritos, tacos, etc.
  • Seafood
  • Eggs
  • Sandwiches, burgers, and wraps
  • Pizza
  • Great addition to salads and veggies

5 oz. bottle

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